I can’t relate to my horoscope.

Why don’t I relate to the horoscopes I read in the paper every day? It is because there is much more to my chart than simply the fact that “I am a Pisces.” This Saturday, the 9th of February, I will teach beginner 101 astrology in Center City at Dhyana Yoga. I will help you to understand more about your personal astrological chart and what the signs mean for you. This workshop will consist of about 90 minutes of sitting and talking and asking questions and then 30 minutes of meditation in a gentle, relaxing shape. If you are planning on attending, please bring your birth chart information that you may print from this free web site: https://alabe.com/freechart/
You may show up the day of the event or you may sign up in advance at https://dhyana-yoga.com/
Please, as always, message me if you would like to attend and funds are a challenge.