Are you feeling coo coo bananas?

You are most definitely not alone.

The astrology of right now might have you feeling like this. You are not alone. I will talk about this and also help you to move your body through some yoga shapes on Sunday, the 13th of January, from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM at Stillpoint Yoga and Float. In this workshop you can expect to sweat a bit, meditate, hear live opera singing (from me), land in restorative poses, receive olfactory-stimulating essential oils on your skin (if you like), and receive glitter if you like. Please write to me if you would like to attend and funds are a challenge. You may show up the day of this event. Here is the link to sign up in advance:… Photo by Elliot Polinsky. Also Elliot’s toes pictured here.


Love, Natalie