Musings in September.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I have forgotten that I have a blog page.  The idea sort of floats around in my head and every now and then my partner will remind me about it and I will think, “Oh!  I could write something!” and then the idea fades away.  As Jennifer Pastiloff has invited me to say, “I give myself a medal” for the fact that I updated the calendar on my website and that it has all my workshops listed on it as of today.  For the past few weeks I have been reveling in my physical asana practice.  My desire to practice asana comes and goes.  When it is present, I feel so much joy in the way my body moves and feels in the different yoga shapes.  A new studio opened near my home.  It is called Magu Yoga ( and the owner is Alex Auder.  Her way of teaching leaves me feeling like I have had a full body massage.  Her verbal cues invite me to be subtle and slow with my practice and this helps me to feel grounded and softer.  I am grateful that Philadelphia is full of so many fantastic yoga teachers.  What a great fortune that I am able to live in this city and study with them all!  It is always a little humbling for me when I start to float away from wanting to practice the physical aspects of yoga.  I remind myself, when that happens, that my hours of psychotherapy, couples’ therapy, 12-step recovery work, and introspection fall under the heading of “Svadhyaya,” or “self-study.”  Svadhyaya is the fourth of the Niyamas of the Yoga Sutras, and, is as valid a practice (I am inviting MYSELF to remember this) as being able to do a super fancy backbending pose.  Sometimes I am asked about my meditation practice.  I have a big “should” in the morning that tells me that I have to SIT CROSSLEGGED ON BLANKETS in order to be “meditating.”  I know that I need a lot of sleep and I usually am having this “should” thought about about 5 AM after our 14 year old beagle has awoken me and we have done all our morning “chores.”  I have been meditating, I suppose non-traditionally, by resting back in the bed with my hand softly planted on the back of our lily-white cat, Whisper.  She purrs and purrs, and I feel that my hand being in direct contact with her purring is giving me healing and light and love.  I do eventually fall back to sleep, which is a gentle way for me to finish my morning.  I imagine this will all change when the sweet soul who has chosen my partner and me to be his parents comes into the world sometime around October 17th.  I give thanks in advance that I will be able to gracefully navigate the shifts that will come.  Our baby shower is this Saturday!  Wow.

This week my friend and amazing artist, Joe Longo, featured me in HIS blog.  We are both Pisces Sun Signs, and I feel connected to him through this fact.  The link for his blog with some stunning photos that he took is here:

I give thanks to all the angels, aliens, goddesses, gods, jesus, mary, joseph, ascended masters, babaji, quan yin, Jung, Buddha, animal totems and all energy beings for their care and comfort of me and you!

Love,  Natalie

Joe Longo Photography

Joe Longo Photography