Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Beautiful friends,

I deeply appreciate your having signed up to read what I write.  I am at my office job, at the front desk, and endeavoring to be grateful for the fact that I am still incarnate.  I invite myself to say little prayers throughout the day, as encouraged by my astrologer/spiritual healer/helper, Corrina  (  My prayers generally start with, “I give thanks that…”  Today I give thanks to all my angels, gods, goddesses, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, ascended masters, dolphins, aliens, animal spirits, totems, Jung, Baba Ji, Quan Yin, Buddha, and anyone else who is listening.  I give thanks for my ability to tolerate uncomfortable feelings.  Perhaps it is the full moon in Scorpio that just came this weekend and is now waning away. I feel something and it feels like a burning in my chest.  I invite myself to practice tender loving kindness, or maitri (unconditional friendliness) with myself just for today.  I wonder if you are feeling the effects of the full moon.  What does it feel like to be in your skin today?

If you would like to let me know, I invite you to write to me at
I care!

I ask all your angels to care for you and comfort you.

If you are curious as to when/where I am teaching, there is a google calendar on the main page of my website,, and you can see the information there.  ❤ ❤ ❤

p.s. I am teaching a very special class with my dear friend Sally Miller on June 10th in Fort Washington, PA.  I invite you sign up in advance for this one:

Please please message me if you would like to attend and funds are a challenge.  Yoga is for one and all!

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